The beautiful Hotel Costa da Caparica is the official conference hotel for ITiCSE 2005. Located literally across the street from the Atlantic Ocean, along one of the finest beaches in the Lisbon area, it is a full facility hotel with its own swimming pool and 353 air-conditioned rooms, each with a private balcony, Its location is ideal for the conference as there is frequent local bus service (a ten minute ride) to the main gate of the campus of the Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The conference will provide additional free shuttle service each morning and late afternoon during the meeting. We are pleased to announce that Hotel Costa da Caparica has reserved a block of 160 rooms for conference participants at a substantial discount over normal summer rates. Here are the conference rates:

 Single Room  Land view
 Ocean view
 Double Room  Land view
 Ocean view
 Suite  1 person
 2 persons
 3 persons

You will understand that these rooms will be in great demand, not only from ITiCSE 2005 participants, but from vacationers from Portugal and all over Europe. Thus, the 160 rooms are guaranteed to us only until April 15, 2005. After April 15th, rooms may still be reserved at discount prices, subject to availability. (We suggest that while the premium is a small penalty for late reservation, the more serious consideration is the real likelihood that the hotel may be fully booked. The same remark applies to rooms at other hotels in Costa da Caparica. They will begin to disappear quickly after Easter.) Participants are responsible for making their own arrangements for lodging. We suggest that once you are certain of your participation in ITiCSE 2005, you act promptly to reserve your room in the Hotel Costa da Caparica. When you register for the conference, you will be provided a special form and a code that will entitle you to reserve your room at Hotel Costa da Caparica at the rates indicated above. The special reservation form may be sent either by email or fax. The form will also provide attractive rates (not quite as good as those for the conference itself), for extending your stay either before or after the conference. The Hotel has a room for internet access on the ground floor (15 minutes = €2,50). There is also a phone line available in the room for modem access.

Anyone wishing to find possible people to share a room with should inform ITiCSE'05s Registar of their interest. When possible, Registar will put people in contact.

For reservations at Hotel Costa da Caparica, please note:
  1. Use only the form provided with your conference registration to reserve your room. (Do not use the link on the hotel web site.)
  2. Send your reservation by fax (+351 21 290 64 04) or email.
  3. The name on the hotel reservation must be same as the name on the conference registration.
  4. Cancellation of your conference registration will result in simultaneous cancellation of any room reservations made at the hotel.


Conference Hotel    
  Hotel Costa da Caparica
Addr: Hotel Costa da Caparica
Av. General Humberto Delgado, 47
28029-506 CAPARICA
Phone: (+351) 212 918 900
Fax: (+351) 212 910 687
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