9:30 Opening Session
Room: 1D
9:50 Keynote Speaker
Joseph Weizenbaum
Room: 1D
10:50 Coffee Break Poster Session 1 Demos
Room: Hall Room: Hall
Students Evaluating Faculty: A Subjective Process
Jacobo Carrasquel
Computing Curricula Overview Project
John Impagliazzo
Advanced Programming in Java Workshop - Teaching Methodology
Tamar Benaya, Ela Zur
Using the BlueJ IDE in a Data Structures Course
James H. Paterson, John Haddow, Miriam Birch, Alex Monaghan
Introducing Object-Oriented Analysis and Design in Undergraduate Courses: A Pattern-based Approach
Haitham S. Hamza
Learning Repetition Structures in Programming
Maria José Marcelino The Environment for Learning to Program
Why Children Are Out of the CS Rethinking Process?
Giovanni M. Bianco and Simonetta Tinazzi Nghi Truong
Weathering MindStorms with Drizzle and DIODE in CS0
J.C. Ernest, A.S. Bowser, S. Ghule, S. Sudireddy, J.P. Porter, D.A. Talbert, M.J. Kosa
Knowledge Sharing as a Innovative Educational Practice: Educating Knowledge Technologies
Peter Mikulecky
Guidelines for a Multiple-Goal CS Introductory Course: Algorithm Problem-Solving Woven into OOP
Orna Muller, Bruria Haberman
Distributed Team Performance in Software Development
Computer Game Arena: a Showcase for Computer Game Projects
Edmond Cyril Prakash
11:20 P1 - Early Programming P2 - Software Design and Communications Working Groups
Room: 1A Room: 1B Room: 2A
chair: Mary Granger, George Washington University, USA chair: Leslie Schwartzman, Roosevelt University, USA chair: Janet Carter, University of Kent, UK
"Testing First: Emphasizing Testing in Early Programming Courses" "Student Interviews as a Tool for Assessment and Learning in a Systems Analysis and Design Course" Development of XML-based Tools to Support User Interaction with Algorithm Visualizations
Will Marrero, Amber Settle Martin Dick Thomas L. Naps, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh & Guido Roessling, Darmstadt University of Technology
"Learning to Program Through the Web" "A Research-Led Curriculum in Multimedia: Learning about Convergence" Facilitating student learning through study abroad and international projects
Nghi Truong, Paul Roe, Peter Bancroft Hugh Davis, Su White Ursula Fuller, University of Kent
"A Study of the Difficulties of Novice Programmers" "The (Relative) Importance of Software Design Criteria" Seminal Literature for CS Education Research
Essi Lahtinen, Kirsti Ala-Mutka, Hannu-Matti Jarvinen Robert McCartney, Tzu-Yi Chen, Stephen Cooper, Leslie Schwartzman Arnold Pears, Uppsala University & Stephen Seidman, NJIT
"Teaching Programming and Language Concepts Using LEGOs" "A Pragmatic HCI approach: Engagement by Reinforcing Perception with Functional Design and Programming"
Cynthia Hood, Dennis Hood David Cox
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Student Poster Plenary Session
Room: 1D
chair: Mark Ratcliffe, University of Wales, UK
14:40 P3 - Distributed Computing and Operating Systems P4 - Visualization of Software Behavior Working Groups
Room: 1A Room: 1B Room: 2A
chair: Vitor A. Duarte, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal chair: Guido Roessling, University of Siegen, Germany chair: Janet Carter, University of Kent, UK
"DisASTer (Distributed Algorithms Simulation Terrain): A Platform for the Implementation of Distributed Algorithms" "Software Behaviour Understanding Supported by Dynamic Visualization and Role-Play" A synthesis of the computing disciplines
Rainer Oechsle, Tim Gottwald Guillermo Jimenez-Diaz, Mercedes Gomez-Albarran, Marco A. Gomez-Martin, Pedro Gonzalez-Calero Gordon Davies, ACM Education Board & Lillian Cassel, Villanova University
"The Kaya OS Project and the uMPS Hardware Simulator" "Game Programming in Introductory Courses With Direct State Manipulation" Building a Sense of History: Narratives and Pathways of Successful Computing Educators
Michael Goldweber, Renzo Davoli, Mauro Morsiani Michael Kolling, Poul Henriksen Vicki Almstrum, The University of Texas at Austin & Barbara Owens, Southwestern University & Lecia Barker, University of Colorado, Boulder
15:20 Coffee Break Poster Session 2 Demos
Room: Hall Room: Hall
Teaching XML in a Web Development Context
James H. Paterson, Frances McCormick, Gerry Creechan
Teaching to Analyze Solutions Using FGA
Ilana Bass, Dvir Lanzberg
Curricular Projects of the ACM Two-Year College Education Committee
Robert D. Campbell, Elizabeth K. Hawthorne, Karl J. Klee The hands-on activities of the programming microworld objectKarel
Reductive Thinking in Undergraduate CS Courses
Michal Armoni, Judith Gal-Ezer Xinogalos Stelios
Application of Topic Maps in E-Learning Environment Satratzemi Maya
Kamila Olsevicova
"Computer Science, Academy and Industry" Educational Project
Bruria Haberman, Cecile Yehezkel
Two Possible Approaches for an Intermediate GUI Course
Rui Pais, João Paulo Barros SOTA - a Visualization Tool for the Symbol Table in a Compiler Course
Computing History: Interesting Times
David Hemmendinger
Extending Undergraduate CS Programs With Informatics: Emphasizing Software and System Design in Context
David G. Kay, Andre van der Hoek, Debra J. Richardson
The Difficult Art of Pruning in Favour of Creative Thinking Micael Gallego-Carrillo
Riccardo Massarelli Francisco Gortazar-Bellas
Exploiting Visual Feedback to Teach Fundamental Concepts in Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence Jaime Urquiza-Fuentes
Terence Clifton J. Angel Velazquez-Iturbide
Challenges in Teaching the Pumping Lemma in Automata Theory Course
Mark Trakhtenbrot
15:50 P5 - Understanding Algorithms P6 - Novice Programmers Tips and Techniques
Room: 1A Room: 1B Room: 2B
chair: Artur Miguel Dias, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal chair: Pedro Guerreiro, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal chair: Bruce Klein, Grand Valley State University, USA
"Exploring Students' Understanding of the Concept of Algorithm: Levels of Abstraction" "An Analysis of Pattern of Debugging Among Novice Computer Science Students" Using a PC Simulator to Illustrate Input-Output Programming Techniques
Jacob Perrenet, Jan Friso Groote,Eric Kaasenbrood Marzieh Ahmadzadeh, Dave Elliman, Colin Higgins Pedro Medeiros et al
"Peer Assessment in the Algorithms Course" "Novice Java Programmers' Conceptions of Object and Class, and Variation Theory" Academic Jeopardy
Donald Chinn Anna Eckerdal, Michael Thuné Joseph Bergin
"Is it Really an Algorithm? - The Need for Explicit Discourse" "Implications of Perspective in Teaching Objects First and Object Design" Use of Flash Movies as a Complement When Teaching Gui Programming and Design
Bruria Haberman, Haim Averbuch Henrik B Christensen Pais, Barros
"Providing Students Universal Access to a Centralized, Graphical Computing Environment" "From Objects-First to Design-First with Multimedia and Intelligent Tutoring" Learning Technical Concepts with Collaboration and Communication Skills
David Letscher, Michael Goldwasser Sally Moritz, Fang Wei, Shahida Parvez, Glenn Blank Mary J. Granger
Learning UNIX in first year of Computer Engineering
Aránzazu Simón-Hurtado, Carlos Vivaracho-Pascual
Iterative Implementation of DFS
Ilana Bass, Dvir Lanzberg
Managing the Complexity in First Year Programming
Robert A. Hovis
Projects in the Programming Languages Course
Amruth N Kumar
TS05: 150 lines of Java with High Architectural Complexity
Henrik Christensen