Speakers at Tips and Techniques session will have at their disposal:
  • A computer projector, capable of resolutions up to 1024x768, to plug a personal laptop;
  • A desktop computer with Microsoft Power Point installed, also pluggable to the projector;
  • (Wired) Internet access;
  • A conventional transparency projector;
  • A student volunteer to help solving any hardware or logistic problem that may arise;
  • If you are a speaker in this session and have any requirement not cited here, please let us now! (You must adapt/process the e-mail address!)

Tips & Techniques Session Schedule

Presenters will have 7 minutes for the presentation.

Monday, June 28th, 3:50 to 5:10 PM

Using a PC Simulator to Illustrate Input-Output Programming Techniques Pedro Medeiros et al
Academic Jeopardy Joseph Bergin
Use of Flash Movies as a Complement When Teaching Gui Programming and Design Pais and Barros
Learning Technical Skills with Collaboration and Cooperation Mary J. Granger
Learning UNIX in first year of Computer Engineering Aránzazu Simón-Hurtado and Carlos Vivaracho-Pascual
Iterative Implementation of DFS Ilana Bass and Dvir Lanzberg
Managing the Complexity in First Year Programming Robert A. Hovis
Projects in the Programming Languages Course Amruth N Kumar
TS05: 150 lines of Java with High Architectural Complexity Henrik Christensen